MUGS Policies and Procedures

MUGS Policies and Procedures (Revised 2013-10-22).

  1. Donation to be made to Good Neighbours Active Living centre twice a year of $200.00  in June and in December, for a total of $400.
  2. Mtg. Agreed not necessary to read previous meeting’s minutes at the start of Board meetings. (Board meeting 2011-08-29)
  3. MUGS assets to be inventoried in November each year by a committee appointed by the President.  (Board meeting 2013-10-22)
  4. Someone to prepare Thank you cards for guest speakers (Board meeting 2011-10-24)
  5. Board agreed that Thank You cards be sent to all presenters (which includes club members). (Board meeting 2012-01-03)
  6. Password to MUGS website Members Area be revised each January; this eliminates non-member access including past members who have not renewed (Board meeting 2012-11-27)
  7. Member must be present to receive the door prize. (Board meeting 2012-02-28)
  8. Agreed that membership chair is responsible for counting attendance at meetings; minutes for regular monthly MUGS members meetings not necessary. (Board meeting 2012-04-24)
  9. When we are made aware of the passing of a MUGS member, MUGS will send a card of condolence to the family. (Board meeting 2012-06-26)
  10. MUGS equipment is to be used exclusively for MUGS purposes. (Board meeting December 18, 2012)
  11. The fiscal year is June 1st to May 31st.
  12. Membership dues and fees:  Dues are $20 per year, covers the period from September 1st to August 31st.  Visitors free for first meeting, following visits as a visitor are $4.00.
  13. Bank account signing authority:  3 signatories (President, Past President, and Treasurer). Cheques require two of the three signatures.  If the payee is one of the signatories, then the cheque must be signed by the other two signatories.  Cheques may not be made out to “cash”.
  14. All money coming into MUGS to be receipted and deposited.
  15. All money going out of MUGS to be paid by cheque with proper documentation and receipts.  
  16. A petty cash fund of $100.00 is available to the Treasurer.  (Board meeting 2011-08-29) All money in and out of the petty cash account to be properly documented with receipts and invoices, and reported at the next Board meeting by the Treasurer (or the administrator of the petty cash account).

MUGS Policies & Procedures, revised as approved at the October 22, 2013, Board Meeting